"Take passion, faith and perseverance anywhere you go, and you'll go far."

– Kerryne Krause-Neufeldt

Hi, I’m Kerryne, the founder and Chief Excitement Officer of eyeSlices®

I am proud that eyeSlices® is a story and not a gimmick! This is the abbreviated version of my story (Google has more).

I am sure by now you have looked at and even tried all sorts of eye patches, creams, and devices on the market and have possibly spent years switching between them all.

I even guess that this has cost you a lot of time, money, and frustration and you feel nowhere closer to finding a sustainable solution for your symptoms!

Well I know exactly how that feels and this is why in 1999 I decided to embark on the arduous and complex journey of developing an eye care product that really works and really delivers sustainable results, but had no idea back then that it would take almost 10 years to develop and perfect my product.

 You see my symptoms back then were just puffiness…but chronic puffiness….the kind where my eyes swelled up like golf balls after a good cry/ allergy season/ late nights and I looked awful for days! I even tried ice, tea bags, cucumber slices and frozen peas…all of which did not work.

By an act of serendipty, a chance meeting with a manufacturer led me onto the discovery of a unique technology at the Council for Scientific Industrial Research Polymers Department. They had engineered an exciting polymer technology dermal delivery system ( a method of delivering ingredients into the skin) for the application originally for burns and wounds.

The technology was unique and had applications in the cosmetics and veterinary industries as well. The first samples that came out of their laboratory for my hi-tech cucumber slice, had potential and I negotiated an exclusive license agreement for the technology. ​Unfortunately the technology was only developed to laboratory scale and had no method of manufacture either.

On the 10 year journey of development, I faced enormous trials and obstacles trying to take the technology from concept to commercialisation. All the scientists who had worked on the technology initially had left the country, and no one was able to assist me in completing the research & development, engineering the manufacturing processes or crossing the major technology and innovation chasms along the way.

So in a nuthsell, I became the scientist, spent years experimenting, working with my suppliers, marrying an electrical engineer whose brain I seriously tapped for answers and eventually got the product to market.
Today we have a globally unique manufacturing facility for this technology and products that are tried and tested! I am also happy to say of course that I no longer suffer from puffiness and at the age of 45 have no wrinkles thanks to the daily use of (and the preventative properties) eyeSlices for the past 8 years!