“Life’s a celebration!”

You love to give of yourself and you love celebrating your own and others’ achievements. Gift-giving is just one of the ways you enjoy showing your love and appreciation. Whether it is celebrating a big event like a wedding, birthday or baby shower, or just showing you care when someone is grieving.  eyeSlices® love being a part of every special moment!

5-min of daily pampering with eyeSlices®, makes each day a celebration!

10-Day Luxury Pack for One

  • 1 x Re-sealable zip-lock sachet

  • 1 x pair of eyeSlices® – use each pair 10 x for 5 min per use

  • Light, small and great to throw into a handbag, overnight cosmetic bag or store in your side drawer for daily use either first thing upon waking or last thing at night before bed.

  • Product results vary from individual to individual.


Celebration Pack for Two

  • 2 pair Wallet Value Pack

  • Add a coloured clam each!

    A pair for you and a pair for someone close.
    Share the moment. Celebrate together.

    Product results vary from individual to individual.


Sassy Strorage Clam

  • 1 x Re-sealable clam available in silver, white or green

  • Store your eyeSlices for re-use in our designer clam for an extra bit of class. The sachet works just as well from a practical perspective.

  • Important: store your gels in their original clear case with lidding and then in the clam to prevent from drying out!

  • Product results vary from individual to individual.




I love juggling my career, family, adventure, travel, sport, and hobbies.


I love routine, I am organised, I work hard and get results.


I love pampering myself. Self-care is essential to manage my stress.