"We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children."

– Native American Quote

We value all life: the planet, people, and animals. We approach business holistically and everything we do must have a positive impact on our team, our customers, our planet, our environment, and our community. Our Directors are vegan and live the philosophy of the company in their personal lives too.

Doing what is right, not easy!

We only partner with the very best laboratories around the world who can prove to us that their active ingredients really work!

Then we make sure that we formulate these ingredients into our technology platform at the highest percentage recommended by the laboratories to ensure excellent results.

We want you to get the best results possible in the fastest time and to confidently feel and see the difference from using our products.

Being accountable to society

We are passionate about all life, about the environment, and about our social responsibility! Our products are vegan friendly, paraben-free, environmentally friendly, fragrance-free and cruelty-free.

We support various charities and causes that are aligned to our values. We also believe there are no strangers… only friends we have never met and we welcome you to the eyeSlices® community.

We are a community with a conscience.

Mutual benefit in all directions

Everything we do is with the sole aim of ADDING VALUE! We strive to add value to our customers by delivering high-quality products that really work.

We strive to add value to our entire supply chain, always negotiating a win-win solution to everyone. We strive to add value to our team of employees and interns by mentoring, training, and promoting.

We always negotiate for a win on both sides.

Enjoying what we do.

We choose to follow our passion and purpose.

We choose to do life and business with people we like and enjoy.

We are creative and innovative. We take quality and excellence seriously, buy we try not to take ourselves too seriously.

We love what we do.