"Praise, like sunlight, helps all things to grow."

– Croft M. Pentz
Nothing says I’m relaxed more than fresh eyes. In my work as an anchorwoman on TV, the camera easily translates my fatigue.

After using the eyeSlices® following my evening bedtime facial routine, I noticed the dark circles were lighter and the skin softer. Even once was enough to convince me my eyes deserved some spa time as well!

– Doris Jansen

“Some years ago I had cataracts removed from my eyes and found that they were getting quite dry and red. I also suffer periodically from migraines which can be quite debilitating.

Anyway, I entered a competition through “all4women” and was fortunate enough to be one of the winners of a hamper of eyeSlices®. I must admit that I was a bit skeptical at first, but I thought “What the heck” and gave them a try one day.

After a short while of lying down with them over my eyes, I felt so relaxed, I almost couldn’t believe it, and when I got up, my eyes were actually sparkling! Awesome! The puffiness and redness had disappeared and I felt great. I used them one day when I had a migraine as well, as my eyes go extremely puffy and red then and hurt like crazy.

The results were just amazing. Unfortunately they are all used up now, but I would gladly recommend this super product to anyone wanting something really special. It was an absolute treat to have had them.

Hope your company goes from strength to strength, as this is a product really worth its weight in gold.”

– Heather Jensen 

“Thank you for my free sample. All I can say is OMG! They do work. Ever since Friday 19 November, I have been applying the eyeSlices® every second night for just 5 minutes before bedtime.

On awakening the following morning, there is a definite improvement – less puffiness and the dark circles are less obvious. I am very impressed.”

– Gail Luiz

My experience with eyeSlices®, is don’t knock them before you’ve tried them and educate your clients! Even my husband uses them.

He drives a great deal during the day and works until late at night. I brought eyeSlices® home for him to try and now I often find him with them on his eyes for ten min. or so now.”

– Shrarolyn from Skincare

“I am the co-founder of EF | STUDIO cosmetics in New York and am visiting Greece to meet with our distributor. While touring the Beauty Greece Expo, I met the distributor of eyeSlices® and tried the product.

The distributor is incredibly passionate about the product and is an ideal ambassador for your brand. He was very generous with his time. I did not have an opportunity to try the product until this morning. I woke up from a sleepless night with very puffy and heavy eyes. The Springtime pollen in Athens is also causing me much eye irritation.

I opened my eyeSlices® and felt instant relief. It is like a portable spa. Immediately, I felt overall wellness. The cooling relief to the eye was very stress relieving and uplifting. I have tried many different eye relief remedies but eyeSlices® has proven to be, without question, the most effective and easiest to use.”

– Co-founder of EF | STUDIO Cosmetics

“My name is Dianne Garven, I am a 43-year-old female. I bought a pair of eyeSlices® from the Look and Feel Good Expo in Cape Town recently which I used approximately two to three times a week for two weeks. I often have puffiness in the eye area in the mornings and I found that the puffiness was reduced drastically within 2/3 treatments.

I used them in the morning for 5 minutes and got a total of 10 uses out of them. I found it refreshing, easy to use, convenient, and really like the product. I would most definitely buy the product again.”

– Dianne Garven

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